Counseling Services for Individuals and Couples

We meet you on your terms. Either individual or group therapy in-person sessions, video conferencing sessions for those not in the upstate New York vicinity, and specialty counseling for Equine Therapy or Sex Therapy.

Individual Counseling

We get into trouble when we do things out of awareness. To change your behavior, you must bring your unconscious decisions into consciousness. This is the way you start altering the process of making decisions outside of our self-interest. We live in a world where there is so much coming at us that we don’t have the time to sort out our thoughts, emotions, desires, values. Having an objective person to talk it through with makes a big difference. A belief that people are attacking you is often a sign that you are feeling shame because you believe that something is wrong with you. I view you as creative, resourceful and whole. You are not broken there is nothing wrong with you. You just have to come to believe that about yourself and that is my goal.

Couples Counseling

Is your partner ready to leave you? Life has many challenges that can cause great stress on relationships. It’s important to disarm conflicting verbal communication and remove barriers that create a feeling of stagnancy and create a heightened sense of empathy within the context of the relationship.  Poor communication is often the number one problem in a relationship. Stephen’s style of Attunement Therapy will help you to communicate more effectively with your partner, alleviating a lot of the stress in a relationship.

Group Counseling

In this laboratory, you get to experiment with emotions you normally want to hide, feel unacceptable or are dangerous. That allows you to deepen your self-understanding in a supportive environment. In the group, you get in touch with your emotional life in a safe place that is not shameful or embarrassing. Learn the negative impact that shame has on your life and learn how to change it. To bring out one's shame in a group setting is the strongest way for healing.

Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy uses the diverse personalities and calming effects of horses as a means of helping clients work through their own emotional challenges. Horses offer clients the experience of a pure and nonjudgmental relationship. Clients can connect with another living and emotionally intuitive being without risk of rejection or criticism. There is no riding involved in Equine Therapy and no prior horse knowledge is required.

Sex Therapy

The theoretical foundation of traditional psychoanalysis is based on the assumption that sexual disturbances arise from an individual’s history, specifically their development through the psychosexual stages and the Oedipal Complex. Instead of targeting sexual symptoms, psychoanalytic techniques aim to discover unconscious conflicts that are perceived to be responsible for a person’s sexual dysfunction. The foundation of psychoanalysis relies on the attribution of all types of neuroses to internal unresolved sexual conflicts.

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